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Urgent Needed, 13 Position For PT SUPRACO INDONESIA Projects


Jakarta based company with more than 33 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry and Geothermal in Indonesia. We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects

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1. Compliance & Risk Analyst

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Bachelor/Master degree
• Training and Courses: internal control (preferred)
• Language: Bahasa Indonesia (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian (basic knowledge preferred)
• Knowledge, Technical or Professional Skills: 2 years of experience in a multi-national and/or international accounting/consultancy company and familiar with compliance, internal control and auditing matters.

2. Legal Counsel

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Law Degree
• Professional Qualification: minimum of 10 years experience, particularly in the Law of England and Wales and separately, the U.S.
• Training and Courses:
1. Contract and legal drafting.
2. Court procedures (under domestic laws).
3. PSC, JOA and various contracts of goods and services.
4. Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.
5. Petroleum law, company law, insurance, tax law, and international private law.
6. Oil and Gas Business Transactions
7. Contract and negotiation
8. Employee Induction including HSE Awareness

3. Negotiations Specialist

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education : degree in a relevant engineering, economics or geotechnical subject
• Professional Qualification : Membership of appropriate industry/academic professional organisations
• 5 years experience in exploration and production in the international oil industry
• Knowledge, Technical or Professional Skills :
1. LNG commercialization
2. Economic analysis
3. Conversant with various types of agreements such as Farm In Agreement, Joint Operating Agreement, Facility Sharing Agreement etc.
4. PSC Contract
5. Gas Processing and Lifting procedures.

4. Training Specialist

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Bachelor degree
• Training and Courses:
1. Training Need Analysis
2. WP&B, POD & AFE
3. Negotiation Skills
4. Emotional Intelligent
5. Employee Induction including HSE Awareness
6. Communication Skills
• Experience : 5 yeas of Oil & Gas Industry and Experience in human resources work. Experience and education may be substitute for one another.
• Knowledge, Technical, and Professional Skills in Organization Processes : Company / Corporate Organization, Work Team Management Methodology

5. HSES Security Specialist

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Relevant Degree
• 5 years of security system & vendor performance evaluation background (preferably in Oil & Gas Industry)
• Professional Skill: Company/Corporate organization, internal standards, site management, information integrity system, information process, support software
• Analytical Skill, Problem Solving, Team Work, Communication
• Training and courses:
1. Employee Induction including HSE Awareness
2. First Aid
3. Basic Fire Fighting
4. Basic Security Principles
5. Internal Auditor of “Sistem Manajemen Pengamanan ref to Perkap 24/2007)
6. Internal Auditor of ISO 9001:2008

6. Automation & Metering Specialist

Qualifications & Experience:
• Bachelor degree certificate as minimum in Instrumentation, Electronics or Metering background with experience in Automation and Metering system position at least 10 years in oil and gas industries
• Hand on Troubleshooting in Metering system, meter prover & relevant field devices with Final control elements, DCS, PLC, and SCADA experiences are mandatory in this position
• Deep knowledge in Process Control System (PCS), Process Control Network (PCN), Protocol Interface, ESD/EDP, Foundation Fieldbus, Metering System is mandatory required
• Deep knowledge control of work and permit system in Oil and gas industries
• Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia

Required Competencies:
• Extensive experiences in Process Control System (PCS), Process Control Network (PCN) with Microsoft Windows Client & Servers (networking system), Integrated Control Safety System and Metering System and operating system, Allocation, Fiscal/Custody Metering System - Oil & Gas, Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) & Gas Chromatograph (GC) with ability to perform online program monitoring as an aid to fault diagnosis is highly desirable.
• Good working knowledge of a range of Electrical, Mechanical and Integrity System with Experiences in Electrical system, Control system of Switch gear will be a distinct advantage including Understanding hazardous areas and hazardous area equipment certificates
• Experiences in developing and review procedure related with Automation and Metering system
• Knowledge of subsea system, Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF), offshore operations are preferable
• Advance experience on Metering system both Fiscal and Allocation Meter i.e. Gas Ultrasonic Meter Emerson Daniel and Krohne, Moisture Analyzer Ametek, HCDP Analyzer Ametek, Gas Chromatograph Emerson Rosemount would be distinct advantage
• Extensive experience with a variety of instrumentation and control equipments and manufacturers of control valves, solenoid valves, instruments, analyser, transmitters, etc.
• Must have the ability to read and understand drawings and specifications specific to instrumentation discipline e.g. P&ID, Loop Diagrams, Junction box and marshalling cabinet schematic diagrams, cable block diagrams, vendor control drawings, etc.
• Must be familiar with standard operating practice with respect to maintenance activities in an operational Oil & Gas production/processing environment, with specific regard to hazardous area practices and restrictions.
• Extensive experience and exposure to root cause analysis and troubleshooting of operational equipment with state of the art diagnostic techniques.
• Having design and developing of Automation & Metering system project execution (Hardware and Software ), Programming and Commissioning would be distinct advantage
• Familiar with Honeywell DCS Experion PKS C-300 , Siemens Simatic PLC S7-300 and Allen Bradley PLC Control Logix would be distinct advantage
• Having experience in day to day activities to improve reliability and availability of PCS and shutdown system

7. Aviation Advisor

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Academy Diploma or High School with at least 10 years experience in Aviation
• Professional Qualifications:
- Professional Pilot,
- or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer,
- or Safety and Quality Manager from Air operator
• Required experience: 10+ years within the Aviation industry with preference to experience in Oil and Gas Logistic, and operations.
• Knowledge, Technical, and Professional Skills:

1. Risk assessment: National legislation pertaining to risk assessment; Guidance documents on the development of Safety Management System, Organizational system for airside activities; Knowledge of airside operation and potential hazard.
2. Facility Physical characteristics, Compliance and Safeguarding: National, International and Company Aeronautical regulation on Airfield/Heliport/helideck design, operation and licence, Compliances (Fire protection, bird control, air navigation etc.) and Safeguarding (licensing, operation, risk assessment and Safety Management System).
3. Local airspace management: Applicable Regulation and best practices on airspace topics (i.e. Air Traffic Service, Navigational Aids, Pilot Licensing ect.).
4. Airside Safety Management and Flight Safety: On specific Aviation Safety Management System including risk assessment, safety cases and National Aeronautical Regulation on Flight Safety themes.
5. Aviation security: On Aviation Security disciplines.
6. Fire-Fighting and rescue Operations: On Rescue and Fire Fighting Services, training of personnel policies and procedure for maintaining the adequacy of the Service.
7. Aviation fuel management: On all problems related the management of aviation fuel provision.
8. Handling: On all matters related the aviation handling needs (i.e. Airside Safety Management, Dangerous Goods, International Aviation Requirements-Operations, etc.).
9. Flight Planning and Dispatching: National, International and Company Aeronautical regulation including Oil Industries best practices concerning the flight planning and dispatching.
10. Flight Following: Applicable regulation on Air Traffic services related the following of a Company flight
• Required Competencies:
- Advisory familiarization & training
- Flight safety & aircraft accident investigation
- Airworthiness
- Safety management system
- Crew resource management Familiarisation/refresher/conversion flying training
- Role experience
- Basic fire fighting
- Helicopter fire fighting
- HLO training
- Fuel quality
- Seismic
- Quality assurance
- Weather observer
- Dangerous goods transportation

8. Maintenance Reporting and Control Engineer

Qualifications & Experience:
• Degree in Engineering or equivalent
• Computer: Familiar with Microsoft Office & Power User SAP
• Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
• 5 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience

Required Technical Competencies:
• Experience in planning and scheduling for optimal work execution; by gathering data from every discipline.
• This incumbent has the responsibility to develop, job plans and scheduling coordinated planned & corrective maintenance activities.
• This position requires a wide range of operational knowledge related to production and maintenance tasks, including material management and also Capitol Project & OPEX budget and cost control. The responsiblities require frequent interaction among peers, across departments, and with Supervisors and above.
• To monitor closely the maintenance plans, for planed vs actual performance, in respect of cost impact with lessons learned action plan follow up, as a process of continuous improvement.
• Manage effectiveness of successful coordination of various discipline groups, including offshore & onshore support, procurement, warehouse, etc to ensure expected new changes are realized that benefit company and employees.
• Where corrective/breakdown maintenance work orders clash with the planned maintenance schedule, a priority must be implemented as agreed with Maintenance Superintendent based on best value to company.
• Extensive experience and exposure to root cause analysis and troubleshooting of operational equipment with state of the art diagnostic techniques.
• SAP Power user
• Knowledge of subsea system, FPU, ORF and offshore operations desired.
• Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up experienced
• Production Operations: Maintenance Management, Predictive Maintenance, Operation/Maintenance Advising
• Maintenance Engineering: CMMS Activities, Maintenance Engineering, Maintenance System Auditing, Maintenance Advising in Project Phase, Reliability/Availability analysis techniques knowledge, Maintenance systems and policies knowledge
• Organization Processes : Internal Standard, Feed-back development and diffusion, Technical Audit and Design review, Documentation Management
• Support and Technologies: Standard ISO, TQM and Quality System, Technical requirement and Standard
• Compliance: Local / National and International Standard and Codes, Health, Safety, Environment, Quality
• Capable in terms of the maintenance management of Oil & Gas Platforms offshore or Onshore receiving Processing Facility.

9. Offshore – Marine Foreman

Qualifications & Experience:
• Deck Officer Class III or II Certificate STCW Manila 2010.
• Lifting & Rigging competencies from approved training body (MIGAS, DisNaKer etc).
• Chipping & Painting competencies from approved training body.
• Indonesian Nationality Position
• Computer: Familiar with Microsoft Office application
• Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
• 5 years experiences as Marine Foreman
• Hold HLO certificates, Qualified in in radio operations / air traffic,
• Other relevant offshore / Oil and Gas qualification preferred.

Required Technical Competencies:
• To be knowledgeable in paints, varnishes and other coatings as may be needed on the ship
• To be knowledgeable in marlinspike seamanship
• Construction, maintenance and marine operations
• To have a knowledge of supply vessels, small boat handling, safety of guests and crew
• Handling cargo and loads
• Familiar with pedestal cranes operations, mooring winches, lifting gear equipment
• Rigging and crane signalling
• Must know basic Technical in FPU & ORF production system

10. Open Yard Operations

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Academy Diploma or High School with at least 5 years’ experience in Oil and Gas Operations
• Professional Qualifications: Minimum 5+ Years’ experience as Open Yard Operations with minimum 5+ years operation
• Training and Courses:Open Yard Operations and Warehousing and Casing and Tubing Maintenance
• Required experience: 5+ years within the oil industry with experience
• Knowledge, Technical, and Professional Skills :
1. Demonstrate knowledge of open yard operations.
2. Ability to determine and execute proper storage methods, identification, and stock location based on space availability and materials qualifiactions.
3. Ability to store materials, supplies, and equipment in an orderly and accessible manner in yard operations.
4. Knowledge of materials handling equipment (e.g., carts, forklifts, standup lifts, pallet jacks) used in receiving, storing, and shipping materials and supplies.
5. Good command of spoken and written English

11. Production Data Management System Engineer

Qualifications & Experience:
• Bachelor Degree in Engineering or equivalent
• Computer: PIMS (Production Information Management System)
• Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
• 3 years of experience Petroleum/Production Database Management and Development

Required Technical Competencies:
• Basic Knowledge on the diversified Petroleum Engineering Technology such as Production, Completion, Reservoir Engineering, Natural Gas Engineering and other related aspects (Well Testing, Surface Production Equipment and Facilities, etc), are essential for the position.
• Advanced Knowledge on the Application Development and Database Management is essential because one of PDMS Engineer responsibility is to plan, develop, upgrade and run various field applications for the management, engineering and operations. All pertinent database in server are stored and managed using Oracle Database Management System.

12. Logistic Contract and Planning

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education : Technical / Economical Diploma (degree preferred)
• Training and Courses:
Employee Induction including HSE Awareness
1. Economics Basic course
2. Economics Advanced course
3. Project Management Basic course
4. Specialist Software Training (Reporting System, SPACE, SAP, SIGEP).
• Minimum 5 years of Oil & Gas Industry Experience and 3 years of logistic experience
• Knowledge, Technical or Professional Skills :
1. E&P Management: Standard Workflow - Best Practices.
2. Economics General: Economics Planning and Control, Cost Estimating/ Budgeting/Cost Analysis/Control.
3. Contracting: Def. of Contract Strategy and Variations.
4. Organisation Processes : Internal Standard, Project Management process, Suppliers qualification methodology and techniques. Contract Management
5. Compliance :Local/National and International Standard and Codes, Health, Safety, Environment, Quality,Tender Procedures.

13. Supply Base Operation Lead

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Academy Diploma with at least 10 years’ experience in Oil and Gas Operations
• Professional Qualifications: Minimum 10+ Years’ experience as Supply Base Operation
• Training and Courses: Logistic Operation
• Required experience: 10+ years within the oil industry with experience
• Knowledge, Technical, and Professional Skills :
1. Demonstrate knowledge of Shore Base Operations.
2. Ability to determine and execute operation within optimal budget.
3. Ability to guide the subordinary person within his authority.
4. Experience of handle multi tasks required by Operation and Production.
5. Good command of spoken and written English

Please send your qualified CV and related Certificate to:

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