Sabtu, 28 Mei 2016

Air Preheater Erection Procedures Manual

General Introductions

These instruction are mainly about generalized erection guide of Ljungstrom Air Preheater. Erector shall prepare the detailed Erection Procedures based on this manual erection drawing according to the actual situation.
Refer to the related instructions for the stoppage alarm system,rotor drive and controlling system, fire detection device, cleaning device,leakage control system and lubrication system or details.

Suggested Field Erection Sequence Summary


The following sequence, for the field erection of Modular Tri-Sector air preheaters, is a summary only and should be used for reference.For Bi-Sector air preheaters, some components such as primary center section assembly and primary sector plates are not supplied, this manual should be read in regardless of the related contents.

The erector will have to perform the following steps:
1. Obtain the air preheater support steel elevations and centerlines.Locate the expansion arrangements.Level the expansion arrangements to same elevation.
2. Install the support bearing in the could end center section.
3. Install the could end center section on the expansion arrangements.
4. Inatall the main pedestal/axial seal plate assemblies on the could end center section.Apply temporary bracing.


5. Install the rotor post, trunnion, spool assembly.
6. Install the hot end center section and hot end primary center section.
7. Install the guide bearing assembly.
8. Install the side-pedestal assemblies on the expansion arrangements.Apply temporary bracing.
9. Install hot end and cold end side-pedestal pipe-braces.
10. Install the cold end primary center-section.Apply temporary bracing to support the center-section.
11. Install the cold end pocket-ring assembly and cold end housing pipe braces.
12. Install the primary pedestal/axial seal plate assembly on the cold end primary center section. Apply temporary bracing.
13. Install the hot end pocket-ring assembly and hot end pipe braces.
14. Assemble the remainder of the cold end connecting plate assembly - including the cold end tension ring segments, round-casing segments, and the duct corners.
15. Install the primary connecting plate flange.
16. Assemble the rotor housing assembly, with the exception of the side-pedestal panels. These components should only be tack-welded in place so that the panels may be easly removed for rotor-module installation (later).
17. Asesemble the remainder of the hot end connecting plate assembly - including the hot end tension ring segments, round-casing segments, and the duct corners.The round casing segments, between the side-pedestal columns,should only be tack-welded in place so that the panels may be easily removed for rotor-module installation (later).
18. Install the hot end primary connecting plate flange.
19. Install the factory-assembled rotor modules. Install the mid-diaphragm/lug assemblies.Complete assembly of the rotor.


20. Install the hot end connecting plate and housing round-casing segments, between the side-pedestal columns (module installation panels).
21. Install the rotor drive assembly.
22. Install the ship-loose basketed element.
23. Install the rotor angles and sealing angles.
24. Install all seals.
25. Set the elevation of the sector plates.
26. Set the radial location of the axial seal plates.
27. Install the auxiliary equipment (i.e., Thermostats,Thermocouples,Fire Detecting System,Rotor Stoppage Alarm System,Air Sealing Piping,Wiring,Cooling System,Wash-Pipes and Shot Blowers).
28. Perform final check-out of the air preheater and auxiliary systems.