Selasa, 03 Januari 2017

Not Acknowledge Government Sales Chevron Geothermal Indonesia

Indonesian Energy, Jakarta, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has not received the related report of Chevron Corporation plans to sell PT Chevron Geothermal Indonesia, operator Geothermal Working Area (Drajat and Salak in West Java) to Energy Star.

This sale is not yet recognized and yet to get approval from the government.

Director General of Renewable Energy - Energy Conservation (EBTKE) MEMR Rida Mulyana said the transition process operator geothermal working areas must be reported to the government, particularly the Minister who was in charge of the sector if there is a change.

"The process should be reported to the homeless, to which the minister responsible for the sector," said Rida at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jakarta.


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According to Rida, the government will not give approval to Chevron announced and reported the operator transition to Star Energy to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. "Not yet (no agreement), did not dilaporin," said Rida.

Rida revealed, reports the transition operator has entered into a contract between the government and Chevron.
Therefore, if Chevron had not reported and approved by the government, the transition process is said to not yet occurred.

"Kan that the signing had to report to the minister and the approval must, if it is not reported and not approved not approved the move is meant yet, if you ask me yes," said Rida.

Chevron Corporation announced the release of its subsidiaries in the geothermal sector in Indonesia and the Philippines. It is characterized by a purchase agreement geothermal assets with Star Energy Consortium.

Executive Vice President, Upstream, Chevron Corporation Jay Johnson said, in Indonesia, namely PT Chevron subsidiary Chevron Geothemal Indonesia, operate a geothermal field Darajat and Salak in West Java.

While in the Philippines, a subsidiary of energy from the United States has a 40 percent stake in Philippine Geothermal Production Company, Inc. which operates geothermal power plants Tiwi and Mak-Ban in southern Luzon.

"These assets generate reliable energy to support the needs of the developing economies of Asia Pacific," added Johnson.