Minggu, 01 Januari 2017

LPG Indonesia Event 2017 - Broadening LPG Market Of Indonesia

State-owned Pertamina Corporation is organizing LPG Indonesia 2017 Conference and Exhibition under the title of ‘Broadening LPG Market of Indonesia’ from the 16 -19 Jan 2017 at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.

The conference would focus on 4 strategic areas identified for expansion in Indonesia:
(1) Expanding Non-Subsidized Cooking Gas Market in Indonesia;
(2) LPG subsidy management;
(3) Promoting Vi-Gas (Autogas) for Vehicles and;
(4) Conversion of LPG Powered Fishing boats

This event would bring together the various major stakeholders of Indonesia to discuss on the strategic future of LPG Industry of Indonesia. There would also be many sessions led by the different government agencies in Indonesia overseeing the various aspects of LPG industry to share on their respective topics. This conference would be a good opportunity for you to hear first hand on the government’s and Pertamina’s direction for the industry.

This would also be the event for you to attend for networking and business development. With over 5,000 companies involved in LPG operation across Indonesia, this is a good opportunity for you to meet many of them in a single event.
Do not miss out on this opportunity!!
LPG Academy is the official appointed International sales agent for LPG Indonesia 2017.
For more information of the event, pls contact our dedicated sales personnels:

Rowena Kiang
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Jeffrey Leung
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