Sabtu, 07 Januari 2017

It bunkers, hiding People Rich When Doomsday


Speaking of the apocalypse is certainly very scary, but it can also be an interesting topic for discussion. Nobody knows clearly how Judgement, could be marked by nuclear war or another. Many strange way that made people to face the apocalypse, not least by Vivos Group. launch page, Vivos Group has a new development, Vivos xPoint, referred to as community penanti world apocalypse. The company located in California, building and maintaining giant fortified shelters. Higher-income families can buy space and doomed.

"This is the place where you want to be when the SHTF," according to a description of Vivos Group. There is no mention xPoint as a first home.

The structure was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1942 as a military fortress that store explosives and ammunition. The bunker after not being used since 1967 and then destroyed

However, in 2016, Vivos acquired the property and change its designation as a "community of final shelter".


Total bunker on this property not only decades, but is available in hundreds, rather there are 575 bunkers provided. The location itself is located in South Dakota.


 Many advantages offered by this bunker community houses, one of which can accommodate up to 5,000 people, and can withstand a blast weighing 500 thousand pounds because it is made of hardened concrete and steel.

The shelter is also available in various sizes, ranging from a width of about 26 feet long and about 60 feet or 80 feet. There is also room for more than one year worth of inventory, according to Vivos.

Many of the advantages offered to buyers Vivos bunker, among other things provides several facilities, including a full-time staff who will provide security, maintenance, and other support. Additionally, Vivos even intends to set up a general store. Vivos hopes to complete construction of general stores, offices, and living quarters for the staff in the fall of 2017.

Vivos plans to transform the bunker as a training school and a special space in the fall. The Company will not provide education, but only create the space for it.


A bunker maintenance costs of US $ 1,000 per year or Rp 13.37 million. While the rental fee of US $ 25 thousand or Rp 333.87 million (deposit paid in advance) for a period of 99 years. That figure assuming the exchange rate of Rp 13,355 per US dollar. Vivos expect the cost of renovation, including furniture will also increase.


Bunker purchases do not include plumbing, electricity or air filtration. However, buyers can meyewa Vivos contractor or use the services to complete it. Vivos can be deployed as many or as tenants like.

The company estimates the cost of each shelter complete with seals blast doors and locks interior, emergency exit doors, exhaust, ventilating and air conditioning, generator propane, fuel tanks, electrical wiring, plumbing, heating hot water and a septic system-is approximately US $ 12 thousand or Rp 160.03 million.

More "choice" construction, namely building walls, floors, and energy storage, can add a price to be worth US $ 20,300 or Rp 270.63 million.