Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

Again!,Urgent Needed, 9 Position For PT SUPRACO INDONESIA Projects

Jakarta based company with more than 33 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry and Geothermal in Indonesia. We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects

1. Aviation HSE Associate Analyst

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Academy Diploma or High School with at least 10 years experience in Aviation
• At least 5 years experience in Aircraft maintenance system
• Experience for monitoring all Helicopter activities, perform Aircraft technical report review
• Experience to perform Helideck inspection, facilities equipment and navigation
• Good computer skill (MS Office0

2. JV Analyst

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education : Accounting, Finance
• Professional Qualification : minimum 3 years accounting experience in Oil & Gas Industry
• Knowledge, Technical or Professional Skills : PSC Cost Recovery rules and SKK Migas, detailed knowledge of joint venture accounting
• Experience to prepare and propose the approval process for the payment of JV cash call to operators
• Employee Induction including HSE Awareness

3. ICT Field Engineer

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Minimum of Undergraduate degree in technical discipline or Computer/Telecom engineering technology from an accredited institution.
• Experience to performs a wide variety of installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of IT System (hardware and software) and Telecommunication system (PAGA, CCTV, Microwave, VSAT, Trunking Radio, Marine Radio, Aeronautical Radio, WiMAX, Entertainment System, GMDSS, etc.) in both offshore and onshore facilities
• Trainings and courses :
1. HSE Awareness
2. System Administration
3. Employee induction program
4. Basic Sea Survival & HUET
5. Radio Operator
• Language: Fluent in oral and written of English language. Minimum TOEFL or equivalent of 550
• Experience: Minimum 5 years experience in similar position, preferably in Oil and Gas industries.
• Knowledge, technical or Professional Skills: Updated general knowledge of enterprise scale infrastructure systems technology

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4. Application Specialist

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education: Computer Science degree preferred
• Training and Courses :
a. Employee Induction including HSE Awareness
b. Technical application administration
c. Database management
d. Unix / Lunix system networking
e. IT Advance
• Fluent knowledge of English and local language preferred
• 3 years of Oil and Gas Industry experience. 6 years of ICT experience.
• Knowledge, technical or professional skills:
1. IT Hardware Architecture: Hw Management, Database Administration, Computer Center Management
2. IT Software Architecture: Sw management, Sw setup and installation, Sw maintenance and support
3. IT Demand Management: User support (related to SW deployment)
4. IT Management: Management of IT relevant project
5. IT Service Deliv. Management: External Services Management (Outsourcers Management), ISV relationship with Hw/Sw supplier

5. Custom Clearence Specialist

Qualifications & Experience:
• Education : Technical Bachelor (degree preferred)
• Indonesian, English (fluent)
• 5 years of Oil a& Gas industry experience
• 3 years of importation / Custom Clearance Experience
• Required Knowledge, Technical or Professional Skills :
1. Organization Processes: Internal procedures, Procurement process, documentation management
2. Economics General: Economics Planning and Control, Cost Estimating / Budgeting / Cost Analysis / Control. Knowledge of fiscal aspects.
3. Compliance: Knowledge of legal aspects as Indonesian laws and contractual requirements.

6. Piping / Pipeline / Pigging Foreman

Qualifications & Experience:
• Able to coordinate pipeline maintenance work
• Minimum 5 (five) years continous experience in pipeline and ROW maintenance or construction
• Have a valid PTW Level 2 Mercury Awareness Respiratory Protection and Working at Height
• Understand pig type and pigging procedure

7. Piping / Pipeline Pigging Tehnician

Qualifications & Experience:
• Understand pipeline maintenance basic procedure
• Capable to perform pipeline maintenance in safety manner
• Minimum 3 (three) years continous experience in Pipeline and ROW maintenance work
• Minimum 3 (three) years continous experience in pigging work
• Understand pigging basic procedure
• Capable to insert and retrieve pig in safety manner

8. Bolting Foreman

Qualifications & Experience:
• Able to coordinate bolting & unbolting work
• Minimum 3 (three) years continuous experience in bolting unbolting
• Have knowledge in bolt tensioning
• Have a valid PTW Level 2 Mercury Awareness Respiratory Protection and Working at Height

9. Bolting Tehnician

Qualifications & Experience:
• Able to use bolting & unbolting tools, compressor, etc
• Minimum 3 (three) years continuous experience in bolting unbolting.

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